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Solar Project

Bluff City Beer Company wanted to do something special to recognize the 80th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition and to celebrate the 85th birthday of their family owned company.  It would need to entail much more than raising a glass and toasting to the dual occasion. It would mean responding to opportunity as the family has in the past.

With the increasing use of diesel fuel and CO2 emissions being generated by their trucks, General Manager, Kathy Bess Holloway, started investigating more environmentally friendly ways to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Compressed gas fueling (CNG) was a consideration. This involves using natural gas. However, with thirty or more trucks, there was only one station in the twenty county area to serve their fleet. That option just wasn’t feasible. Also, they didn't want to stop purchasing fuel from the existing fuel suppliers that they've had relationships with for decades. 

That’s when Kathy saw the solution. It came in the form of a solar panel array. She saw one such structure in Cape Girardeau and contacted the company who installed it, Day & Night Solar. 
Day & Night Solar Director of Marketing, Melinda Kershaw, met with President, Billy Bess, Vice President Sales, David Bess and Kathy to show how Bluff City Beer Company could not only reduce the effect of carbon emissions by one full month each year, but they would also fix their long-term energy costs in operating their building and warehouse. The solar system would reduce their carbon based consumption by 30% in the warehouse and 77% in the office. 

Because Bluff City Beer Company plans to celebrate many more birthdays, they wanted their solar panel system to last, too. Day & Night recommended a solar canopy array as opposed to a roof mount application for a couple of reasons.  Why invest in a 50-60 year product and install this on a 20 year roof? Who would pay to have the array removed and reinstalled when the roof needs to be replaced?  Bluff couldalso benefit from the canopy serving other purposes like a parking shelter for employees, an area to add Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations at a later date, and a source to generate outside electrical needs. 
The timing was perfect to take advantage of maximum solar rebates and reducing their energy cost while helping the planet at the same time.  The incentives and rebates will be coming to an end soon.

From rail to diesel to solar, Bluff City Beer Company carries on the tradition of investing in its future by embracing new opportunities. They do this always with the goal of serving their customers. Now they've added serving the planet. 

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"I've been working with David and Kathy since we've opened... They've been instrumental in helping me choose my craft beer line up." 

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